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Patchnotes 0.4.0

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Dear Heroes,

Heroes and Empires' newest Version 0.4.0 current update is almost here. It will introduce a lot of new features, balance, and enhancements to the game as we would like to give you the best experience you can possibly gain!

We have listened, and we always want to ensure we are transparent, we took a look at what worked and what didn't so we can make this game an even greater success. And here are all the things you need to know in this version.


General updates


Now will be unlocked at Chapter 2-8, With this change, you can raid the dungeon of trials on the first day so you can earn HE sooner through this.



- Claiming HE:

Players can only claim the HE token when they reach Chapter 3. This is to fight again muti-account cheaters and bots.


- Added HE Deposit feature:

You can click on your avatar in the top left corner -> Settings -> Deposit to deposit HE from your wallet into the game. This will so useful to help you reduce gas fees.




- Add Clan Coin

Fighting Boss in Dungeon of Trials now will add clan coin to Treasure Hunt Reward.


- Updated Dungeon Store :

Item’s price is updated in Dungeon Store:



- Released mobile versions (Internal testers only)


- Added weekly quests :

Players can complete and earn extra rewards besides Daily Quests and Progress Quests. You are able to claim good rewards: Epic Shard, Reset scroll, ...



Race & Class changes:


Beast race:

- 4 Beasts: at the max stack, the beast now additionally deals 4% of the target’s max HP as physical damage instead of intrinsic damage. Maximum plus damages can't exceed 100% attack of that beast hero.

- 5 Beasts have max stacks at 7s instead of 10 stacks.



Mech class:

Adjust combined HP and Attack of Super Mech to 70% for each Mech instead of 80%. Increase Defense contribution from 33% to 50% for each Mech. We aim to make the super mech tanker than a super damage dealer as current as reported.


Hero balances:


Super Mech:

Balanced Super Mech damage by changing its damage type from True damage to Physical damage

The ground explosion skill of Super Mech no longer clears the enemy team so fast.




Indestructible Body: now lasts 2.5s instead of 3s

Fixed the defense of Zak due to his health regenerating; the jelly now can be killed easier.




Poison Cask: now lasts 5s, reduces 40% mana regeneration and 40% attack.

He will make the opponent not strong anymore




Hell Mantra: generation debuff increases to 35% on level 1 and 50% on level 2, also increases physical resistance. Debuff to 50%.

Increase attack increase of her Ultimate on level 3 to 20%

Now Nekrosius will be used more often due to his undiscovered power.




Ocean's Protection: increase Ultimate level 1 to 2 targeted enemies and level 3 to 3 targeted enemies.

Ocean Blessing: increase physical resist of Ability level 1 to 15% & level 2 to 20%

The tanky beast that brings scare to enemy’s tankers, more wins are coming ….




Demonic Flock:

Increase range to 3

Increase duration to 6s.

Increase damage of level 2 to 200% attack

Increase HP buff of level 3 to 30%


Curse :

Increase HP restore level 1 to 7% and level 2 to 10%

Increase Mana restore of level 3 to 10%

With these buffs, enemies may ask ‘why so much damage, why his health keeps generating.'



Bertha :

Firestorm: Reduce the damage of levels 2 & 3 to 85% attack

Sacrificial Torch: Change to magical damage

Her AOE abilities are too strong. From now on, you can't touch her.




Poseidon's Blessing:

Increased restoring HP to 300% of her attack

Increased defense at level 2 to 30% and duration to 6s

Can't kill my little mermaid…





Increase damage of level 2 to 250%

Increase defense debuff of level 2 to 30% and increase the duration to 6s


Death Breached:

Increase duration of level 1 to 6s

Increase duration of level 2 to 9s

He will come back as a god




Wrath Tides: Increase the range to 3


Staggering Blow:

Increase the shield to 30% max HP

Increase the damage of level 3 to 100% attack.

The Titan in deepsea



Visual Changes:

- Improved some heroes’ VFX

- Improved battle logs UI

- Improve all pop-up UI

- Improved other UI & UX

And many other bugs fixed.