New updates and improvements to Heroes & Empires

  1. Patch notes 2.6 and upcoming changes for Heroes & Empires

    New Feature

    We would like to share what we are working on right now for v2.6 and the upcoming features for Heroes & Empires. We plan to deploy v2.6 end of December.




    General Changes

    Increased Hero level limit to 500.


    Increase heroes level cap to 500

    As the game has reached the third year, and the players need more power, we will increase heroes level cap to 500

    Released 🚀


    Converted Heroes & Empires NFT from DOS to ERC-1155 standard.


    Migrate HE NFTs to ERC-1155

    Given that most HE Heroes NFTs possess identical metadata and images for every hero, it is better in terms of UX and gas fee to use ERC-1155 standard instead of ERC-721. For Heroes with Signatures, since they are different, we will split them into different IDs.

    Planned 🗓️


    • Using ERC-1155 instead of ERC-721 for The Heroes NFTs is better for UX and gas fees because most heroes have the same metadata and images.
    • For Heroes with Signatures, since they are different, we will split them into different IDs.

    The lock on retiring heroes has been removed for newly summoned heroes.

    • You now can retire any hero after you summon or purchase it. We will instead lock the NFT minting for 14 days for any hero or gear to prevent fraud and cheating.

    Increased the rewards for Bounty Hunter:

    • Reduce the waiting time to 8 times. So all the quests could be finished within 1 day now. Ex: The Ultimate quests, which required 120h to be finished, will only require 15h.
    • Reduced the rewards to 50% to make them more reasonable.

    Update daily quests: We want any player to finish the daily quest without the need to spend in game. So we make them easier for your life:

    • Re-opened “Collect AFK Chest Reward” quest
    • Added new quest: “Start Bounty Hunter Quests”
    • Removed “Ascend hero” quest


    Heroes Changes


    Rework Passive

    • Level 1: For every forth attack, Astaroth mind controls the enemy farthest away from himself for 5s, causing them to walk towards him.
    • Level 2: If the controlled enemy is in front of Astaroth, the enemy is dealt 210% damage.
    • Level 3: If the controlled enemy is in front of Astaroth, the enemy is dealt 230% damage and stunned for 2s.



    • Level 1: When Pi finishes casting a skill that damages the target, she deals additional damage equal to 1% of that target's max HP in 10s. The bonus damage does not exceed 70% of Pi's attack.
    • Level 2: Increases damage to 1.2% of target's max HP.
    • Level 3: After reaching 1% health, Pi will be immortalized for 8s. This ability has 30s cooldown.



    • Level 1: Reduces defense of enemy with the highest defense by 100% for 10 seconds. This effect is reduced by 50% to bosses.


    • Level 1: Increase 20% physical resistance for all allies within 2 hexes.
    • Level 2: Increase physical resistance from 20% to 25%.
    • Level 3: Triple effect if only Neptune survives.



    • From: After a 0.35 second delay to: After a 1 second delay



    • Level 3: heals for 50% all the damage dealt.

    Balance heroes for fair matches

    I'm collecting the feedback and analytics data for a balancing update: Some heroes are OP. Some heroes are kinda weak. Some heroes have low pick.

    Released 🚀



    Class Update:


    • [4 Heroes] - At the start of combat, the player summons a Super Mech using attributes of 3 mech heroes with lowest Max HP.
    • Super Mech has 50% of the combined HP, Attack and defense.
    • Super Mech also has the average of other attributes.
    • Super Mech only uses its own abilities.

    Buff Mech

    Thank you for your feedback. We plan to improve the Super Mech mechanic like this: [4 Heroes] - At the start of combat, the player summons a Super Mech using attributes of 3 mech heroes with lowest Max HP. Super Mech has 50% of the combined HP, Attack and defense. Super Mech also has the average of other attributes. Super Mech only uses its own abilities.

    King L
    Released 🚀



    Upcoming updates:

    • Custom Tournaments where you can create your own tournament and invite other players to participate. Each player will deposit an amount of HE and the winners will win them. All the players will have the same hero levels and gears.

    Custom Tournaments

    We have received some feedback requests for a custom tournament. Something like this: All heroes will be level 240, Ultimate 5 rarity with full ultimate gears. Game mode will be similar to the Legend Tournament with 3 teams and play BO3 with other players. You still have to have at least 15 different heroes. Players will pay the entrance fee by HE The winner takes the HE rewards and shares a small amount with the game. The losers (second, third places for example) still have some in-game rewards

    Planned 🗓️


    • New heroes: We will introduce new heroes to provide our players with fresh experiences and strategies, as mentioned on our roadmap website.

    New God Knight hero

    New God Knight hero.

    Planned 🗓️



    New Demon Ranger hero

    A new female Demon Ranger hero

    Planned 🗓️


    • New hero skins: PigRider, Fellow, Thera and Turk are some of the heroes getting their first skin in the upcoming updates.

    Thera Skin

    The hottest assassin has her amazing skin.

    Planned 🗓️


    • HE will integrate with DOS ID, which is the digital identity system that encompasses all games and services in DOS. With DOS ID, our player could play the game and own the NFT without the need to connect and external wallet app. You will receive a chest with 5 random rare heroes when you link the account to DOS ID.

    Integrate with DOS ID

    Integrate with DOS ID, our digital identity, to give you a unified user experience across our games and services. Such as: Login to all our games and website with one account Gasless experience Be able to recover your wallet back For every DOS ID, you will have a built-in smart wallet to use without the need for Metamask for any third-party wallet. We use ERC-4337 (Account Abstraction) standard, the latest improvement from Ethereum, for the wallet so you have all the benefits from it. You still have the option to connect with your Metamask wallet, of course.

    Planned 🗓️



  2. Version 2.5 Schedule for release on 5th December


    Dear our beloved Heroes & Empires. In this version, we have many changes such as improving the power of some heroes, increasing season rewards, adding a welcome back feature. Check out the updated changelog details below.

    ***General Changes

    - Added optional in-game rewarded ads feature

    - Added welcome back feature


    - Added Daily Dungeon event

    • As an event that most HE players enjoy, for this time we will open the event continuously for 7 days from the time the update comes to players' devices. Challenge yourself and defeat the enemies ahead.

    - Rare Heroes will not be able to minted.

    - Updated Arena and Legend Tournament season rewards.


    ***Hero changes

    - Improved skills of some heroes

    • Hades
    • Ultimate
    • Level 3: Effected enemies will be reduced 30% Defense for 6 seconds.

    → Hades deal additional damage based on 20% max health of the target.


    • Odin
    • Ability
    • Level 1: Odin shocks any enemy 3 cells around him everytime he cast ability, causing magical damage proportional to 12% of their current health.

    → For every forth attack, Odin shocks any enemy 3 cells around him, causing magical damage proportional to 12% of their current health.

    • Signature
    • Unlock +30: Odin gain 25% lifeleech.
    • → Odin gain 25% lifeleech. This applies to his passive as well.


    ***Fix Bug

    - Fixed some UI bugs

    - Edit some information displayed.


    *** Heroes & Empires Team ***


  3. Version 2.1 Schedule for release on 24th April


    ***General Changes

    Reopen Event Promise Island

    - This is a 14-day event where players need to collect hammers dropped from in-game activities over a period of 12 days to play the flip reward board.

    - During each island (or round), players get to choose a special Ultimate Reward. Once they open the special reward, they are given access to the next island.

    - Each island has 36 reward squares, which are randomly arranged. These reward squares include 35 default reward squares and 1 special reward square. To open each of these reward squares and try to find the special reward square, players need a certain number of hammers.

    - To receive hammers

    • Players can purchase daily offers and event offers
    • As well as complete daily quests.

    - After the event ends, any remaining hammers will be converted into gold and sent to the player's email.

    ***Hero Changes

    Improve Piper Rework


    ***Fix bug

    • Fixed some UI bugs
    • Edit some information displayed.



  4. Version 2.0 Schedule for release on 9 th March


    ***General Changes

    Big Update: Launch new DOS Server!

    - After 4 months working on the client side, server side and blockchain side, we have completed our big milestone. Heroes & Empires on DOS Chain (our own blockchain) will be launched together with version 2.0

    • You will start from the beginning if you choose to play on the new server
    • All players will receive a free Hero Chest (5 rare heroes) if they link their wallet on DOS Server
    • Since DOS is a different blockchain, NFTs cannot be used in DOS Server. We plan to build an NFT bridge portal in the next few months.
    • Mint and summon NFTs are free on the DOS server. You can even mint your heroes on the mobile version on DOS Server. Deposit HE is also free. We will add zero gas fee to more functions in the future.
    • You can bridge $HE between BNB and DOS server. Please notice that you can only swap HE to stablecoin on BNB Chain at the moment. We will add liquidity to the DOS Chain soon. For now, you can bridge back to the BNB Chain to swap it.

    Launch OverMint, our ultimate NFT marketplace.

    - We upgraded and rebranded our NFT marketplace to OverMint. The new marketplace will serve Heroes & Empires players for both BNB Chain and DOS Chain, it will also serve all the games on DOS Chain in the future.

    - More details will be on our OverMint launch announcement.

    New Event: Daily Dungeon

    - As an event that most HE players enjoy, for this time we will open the event continuously for 14 days from the time the update comes to players' devices. Challenge yourself and defeat the enemies ahead.

    Information Tidus Rework

    - We have tried to come up with reasonable content and use a more suitable image for the player, this return promises him to be stronger and true to the character of the champion that he owns. This may delay a certain amount of time, but to have the most complete Tidus we need more time to upgrade his image. Now, let's take a look at the first image of Tidus Rework and information from Tidus Rework.

    - Lor: Sea creature of unknown origin, imprisoned in heavy armor on the seabed. He had long since forgotten the cause and purpose of this life, wandering around under the ruins of the wrecked boat every day, waiting for the day to return to shore. To be Continued…


    ***Fix bug

    • Fixed some UI bugs
    • Edit some information displayed.


  5. Version 1.20 Schedule for release on 22th February


    ***General Changes

    Update Rewards Season Arena & Tournament

    • We've added Arena & Tournament rewards to increase player excitement. Hope you will enjoy it.
    • Arena:
    • Tournament:

    Update Rewards Trial Of Ascension

    • Change and increase the number of rewards of the chest to increase the more attractive part.

    Update Store Daily for players

    • Adjusted some rewards so that players can more easily own equipment level up stones.

    Added chapter for campaign and tower

    • Receiving a lot of information that players have reached the limit of chapters and towers, we will update continuously and add levels of Campaign and Tower for players.

    Update rewards store daily deal for the free package

    • Adjusted the free package to better suit the player.
    • Editing Epic shards will be changed to Rare shards and increased in number.

    ***Fix bug

    • Fixed some UI bugs
    • Edit some information displayed.



  6. Version 1.19 Schedule for release on 8th February


    ***General Changes

    Added New IAP Packs

    • Update Daily Deals, Weekly Deals, Monthly Deals

    Discount Gem Monthly package

    • In order to make a profit from players and publishers, we reduce some gems at the monthly package and update some prices to better suit the package, along with item and gem changes.

    Reopen event The Ancient War

    • As a 17-day event in the game, players will battle other players in PvP for 15 days for the Medal of Honor.
    • There are 8 types of medals corresponding to the hero's 8 races. The medals received when winning the battle will be based on the formation the player uses in the match. For example: The player uses 1 demon, 3 goblins and 3 undead in battle, when winning, the player will receive 1 demon medal, 3 goblin medals and 3 undead medals.
    • These medals will be used to exchange attractive rewards. Each reward may require 1 or more different medals with different amounts, so players need to know what rewards they need and carefully calculate the formation.

    Store Gem will unlock in chapter 10

    • Now to use the gem store you need to reach chapter 10. This took us quite a bit of consideration and took a long time to tweak, in order to balance the game's ecosystem we needed to do this.

    ***Hero Changes

    Update Clock Rework


    ***Fix bug

    • Fixed some UI bugs
    • Edit some information displayed.



  7. Version 1.18 Schedule for release on 13th January


    ***General Changes

    Update BountyHunter

    • We updated a few more tweaks for this mode, when the count mode on the new day will update more tasks for players.
    • For Quests in progress, will still be there when the new day passes, add quests.




    Now you need to finish chapter 16 to unlock Market Gear In-Game

    • We review the tuning and combat of cheat components and make a decision
    • Players need to reach chapter 16 to buy gear at Market Ingame




    Reopen Event Collect Key

    • Welcome to Lunar New Year 2023, we reopen the event that has been the most liked by many players in the past versions.
    • Attractive rewards and gifts for you right at the time of Lunar New Year 2023




    Improve Rewards for Dungeon

    • Increased Dungeon rewards to be more relevant to the current version.

    Added Monthly Card Pack

    • Includes 2 packages, players can buy both. Buy a Monthly Card to receive some gems immediately and continue to receive more gems continuously for 30 days. Rewards will be emailed every day.
    • The package will be opened when the account has been successfully created.






    ***Hero Changes

    Improve Faegon Rework



    ***Fix bug

    • Fix bug rune not active for hero in the top left corner
    • Fix Feagon gets hit by a succubus skill that deals damage to himself



  8. Version 1.17 Schedule for release on 29th December


    ***General Changes

    Free hero update for players in chapter 1

    - After we applied chapter 20 new players can Withdraw/Mint, we decided to give players 4 rare heroes, including: Ruvina, Kha, Durin, Balerion.

    - In order to encourage new players, we will use a variety of methods to support new players.


    Updating level 161 can unlock signature

    - We have considered a lot on this issue, with players getting more and more rewards and using it to easily gain the power of the signature, we decided to increase the level to upgrade the signature for the purpose. balance as well as help players have a better experience.

    Added Quest Boot Camp

    - Quest system lasts 7 days, for new players with the goal of helping players get more rewards from completing simple quests.

    - New quests will be unlocked every day for the first 5 days and then the player has 2 more days to complete all the quests.

    - Total prize value:

    • 300 Gem, 135,000 Gold, 5000 Dungeon Coin, 15 Elixir, 810 EnhanceTokenCommon, 60 Rare shards.

    Adjust gem price and increase gem reward

    - Update gem price when upgrading hero level

    - Raise the price of Tournament ticket to 25/25/50 Gem/ Ticket

    - Adjusted the price of the StrengThen Blessing upgrade

    - Increase rewards Gems at Matrix

    - Gem Fast Rewards price adjustment.

    Adjust summon price with HE

    - We want to fix some issues with summon HE

    • 1 turn: 100 HE
    • 10 turn: 1000 HE

    Update to add new illus minds to the game

    - It took a long time to complete the illus works, now we have completed a small part, although it is very little but we will continue to develop and bring out unique products for players, here We invite you to admire the illus works that we have completed.


    ***Hero Changes

    Update Jubaba rework

    jubaba (1)

    ***Fix bug

    - Strength blessing doesn't drop to lvl 240 when not enough hero in arena

    - Summoning does not lose HE when pressing summon and reconnecting does not lose resources

    - Display doesn't show up the quantity when open hero shard

  9. Version 1.16 Schedule for release on 16th December


    ***General Changes

    Use HE to get VIP points

    - We've received a lot of comments to slightly tweak the VIP points collection, there were some unfortunate mistakes that happened, now players can again use HE to get VIP points, when you're using HE will be:

    • 1 HE = 1 VIP Point

    Added Newcomer Challenge

    - Newcomer Challenges are meant to help players get motivated and have a more heroic form of ownership. There will be a challenge for “Newbies”, the Newcomer Challenge will appear when the player completes the tutorial, the challenge will last for 30 days.


    Update Gear Market in-game

    - Now you can buy gear right in the game without having to go through mint or redeem.

    - Gears are sold directly at the flea market.


    Adjust Gem's operation to be reasonable

    - Triple Quest Rewards

    • To make it more attractive, we decided to increase the number of rewards gems from the quest so that players can easily overcome the challenges.
    • Increasing the rewards from quests has been considered quite carefully to implement them.

    - Double the Bounty Hunter reward

    • We have considered this very carefully, realizing that the increased price is part of the difficulty for players, so we decided to increase the Gem reward for this game mode.

    - Arena Ticket price increase

    • You can buy 3 times each time: 25, 50, 50 Gem

    - Hero upgrade Level price adjusted

    • In order to balance the number of rewards that players receive, we will increase the price of hero upgrades, not much but will make your hero more valuable.

    - Adjusted Gem rewards from Arena win

    • Top 10: 15 Gem for each win
    • From 11 → 100: 10 Gem for each win
    • From 101 → 500: 6 Gem for each win
    • From 500 → 1000: 4 Gem for each win
    • From 1000+: 2 Gem for each win
    • Lose: GOLD 2 HOURS

    - Increase Chapter WithDraw/Mint to Chapter 20

    • The increase in rewards and gem prices in the store will have some effect on the players first, so we decided to increase the chapter so that players can WithDraw/Mint at chapter 20.

    - Update gem prices at daily store & node dungeon store

    • Adjust prices to suit existing players, in order to increase value and encourage more gem use.
    • There will be items that will be on sale up to 40%, along with which we have added a number of slots of diverse items than before.



    Added Christmas event

    - As a 16-day event, players need to collect Candies dropped from in-game activities for 14 days to claim exciting rewards.


    Change the hero for sale at the Tournament Store

    - We have slightly tweaked the display in the Tournament Store.


    ***Hero Changes

    Update Junk Master Rework


    ***Fix Bug

    • Fixed a bug which caused losing class buff when using 4 assassins.
    • Improved Grand Tournament & Boss Clan information
    • Reset scroll not showing all the info
    • Gear T3 lost hero icon
    • Edit Pi's skill information
    • Fix bug Lion jumps out when using skill
    • Fix when Lehy used tusk's skill to shoot stealth bullets



  10. Version 1.15 Schedule for release on 30th November


    ***General Changes

    Update Rewards Season Tournament


    You now can Burn your Gears

    - Players can now Burn their Gears from Ultimate Gears to Ultimate T2, the resource collected when burning for race and non-race one will be.

    • Burn Gear with a race will receive 50% of the Clan Coin of the price in the Clan Store.
    • Burn Gear doesn’t race will receive 30% of the Clan Coins compared to the price in the Clan Store.
    • For Gears that have Leveled, when Burn you will get back 50% of the gold and hammer spent.
    • To stimulate the burning of gear, will add a new item to the clan store, this item will reset the bonus stats of T3 gear, the expected price is 60,975 Clan Coin.

    Update How To Get VIP Points

    • Changing from using Gems to get VIP points, players who buy gems or convert gems will get VIP points.

    Fixed a major bug which doubling the stats scale of player’ heroes at strengthen blessing

    - We have founded a major bug with the Strengthen Blessing feature which double the stats scaling of hero each level after they unlock Strenthen Blessing feature (after level 240). Some details:

    • This issue only happen on the heroes of the players while the stats of enemy heroes are correct scaling.
    • This only happen to the heroes with level more than 240
    • So with the same level and without gears, the stats of players’ heroes are much more than enemy heroes. Ex: Double at level 400
    • From this update, the stats scaling of the player heroes will be the same with enemy heroes.
    • This bug happened from the non-blockchain version I Am Hero but only be discovered now since we have the stats information in the battle.

    Update rules and add UI to display stats information

    - Update more information and UI of information indicator display

    • Edit to make it more eye-catching

    - Reusing the mechanism of clicking on heroes will remove them from the chessboard

    - For the case in the process of Setup Team:

    • 1 Click will display stat information
    • Click and hold on Heroes to display the information sheet

    - For the case in battle:

    • 1 Click will display the information.

    Improve Investment Pack

    - An attractive investment package for players who want to stick with the game. Buy to get some gems instantly.

    - Players can access this after completing the tutorial. The first pack appears after the player completes the tutorial and lasts for 14 days. After 14 days without a purchase, the pack will reappear once the player completes chapter X and then the required chapter number will change to make sure the player needs more plow to complete. At the second appearance, the package continues to exist for another 14 days, if you do not buy it, it will not appear again.

    - Limit: 1 time/chapter.

    Update Rules Strengthen Blessing

    - Through some feedback and to make the game more balanced, we decided to cap the level of Strengthen Blessing at level 400. Players cannot upgrade the hero's level beyond level 400.

    - If the player's squad does not meet the needs of 5 heroes, the level will return to the limit of 240.

    - Update some warning information so that players can recognize if the player does not meet the needs.

    Update Clan Store

    - Added reset scroll at Chapter 25-60.

    - Added T3 stone in Chapter 29-60.

    Update Barrack Store

    - Add Hero Pi to Barrack Store


    ***Hero changes

    Adjusted and fixed Le Hy's signature index

    - Signature Le Hy:

    • HP: 40% -> 21%
    • Attack Damage: 55% -> 18%
    • Defense: 40% -> 15%
    • Crit: 15% -> Dodge: 10%

    Added new hero Pi - Ancient Magic

    - Race: Naga

    - Class: Mech

    - Ultimate:

    • Level 1: Pi enters a state of Power Release. For 4s, Pi will fire 5 Crystals Pellet per second for 50% magic damage, Pi cannot be targeted while using Ultimate
    • Level 2: Pi gains 50% 1s damage for the duration of the buff.
    • Level 3: Increase Damage per Crystal Pellets to 70% magic damage

    - Ability:

    • Level 1: When Pi finishes casting a skill that damages the target, she deals added damage equal to 0.7% of that target's max HP in 10s. The bonus damage does not exceed 70% of Pi's strength.
    • Level 2: Increases damage to 0.9% of target's max HP.
    • Level 3: After reaching 1% health, Pi will be immortalized

    - Signature:

    • Unlock: After every 4 attacks, Pi shoots a magic missile dealing 150% magic damage and silence. Silence effect is removed immediately when the target takes damage equal to 20% of max HP.
    • Unlock +10: After every 3 attacks, it deals 200% damage and silences for 3s.
    • Unlock +20: PI Restore 10% of Max HP per second while casting Ultimate
    • Unlock +30: Pi increases crit chance by 15% when HP is above 75%.

    ***Fix Bug

    - Wrong addition in bonus gear t3

    - Bug hero Fellow no healing when use skill ultimate

    - Bug localize other language

    - Incorrect display stats hero when use gear T3

    - No critical animation