Feature requests

  1. Migrate HE NFTs to ERC-1155

    Given that most HE Heroes NFTs possess identical metadata and images for every hero, it is better in terms of UX and gas fee to use ERC-1155 standard instead of ERC-721. For Heroes with Signatures, since they are different, we will split them into different IDs.

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  2. Two-factor authentication

    Two-factor authentication will allow players to login securely and also protect their account. We know how important it is for players to keep their wallet passwords well, but nothing prevents the player from being hacked one day, or connecting their account to a fake website and ending up giving access to their wallet to the hacker. However, even if another person manages to gain access to the victim's wallet (player) he will not be able to enter his Heroes Empires account, as it will request login and password access followed by two-factor authentication. That way players will have more security. I write this as a request for help, as I am one of the players who started Heroes Empires, and 20 days ago they started selling all the assets on my account, but the thief did not arrive in my HE account, and all my heroes were removed from the market for my safety. I ask you to implement this authenticator so that we can play with peace of mind.

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  3. Castle lords (Lands)

    Have your own land and conquer for your own castle. The benefits of owning lands: Benefit 1: Increase stats for your squad on the battle. Ex: 2% attack for all heroes Benefit 2: Reputation Points. Use these points on Castle Store to exchange for Shards, Emblems, Elixir, etc. Benefit 3: Reduce Emblem Cooldown on AFK Chest. Benefit 4: Charge Tax on players who mine on your land (HE, Gold) Benefit 5: Special perks. Ex: increase critical, dodgle chance, or allow a hero to have 2 race buffs. This design is not finalized. Please notice that: Benefit 1 is open as default. You have to level up your land to have the rest benefits These benefits and new ones will be added when we work on newly related features The final design could be slightly changed based on feedback from players

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  4. Heroes Lending/Borrowing

    Lend / Borrow heroes from your friends in exchange for tokens.

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  5. Metaverse ecosystem with Archer Hunter title

    We plan to start a metaverse ecosystem with deep integration with our other title Archer Hunter. You can find the non-blockchain version here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.imba.archero The initial concept will be something like this: Archer Hunter NFT version will use Heroes & Empires NFTs Archer Hunter NFT version will use $HE token Please let us know your feedback in the comments.

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  6. Sell Guild Development Land

    Sell land plots that guilds can build assets on by all contributing to upgrade buildings and materials. These buildings would give % discounts or buffs on in game heroes, equipment, and coin $ accumulation. You could then open leaderboards on guild land development and turn it into a competition that unlocks rewards.

    Daniel T


  7. 2 vs 2 Arena

    Team-up with your friends and battle!

    #New Feature πŸ’‘#PvE πŸ‘Ή


  8. Custom Tournaments

    We have received some feedback requests for a custom tournament. Something like this: All heroes will be level 240, Ultimate 5 rarity with full ultimate gears. Game mode will be similar to the Legend Tournament with 3 teams and play BO3 with other players. You still have to have at least 15 different heroes. Players will pay the entrance fee by HE The winner takes the HE rewards and shares a small amount with the game. The losers (second, third places for example) still have some in-game rewards

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  9. Be able to swap level & signature of 2 NFT heroes

    Be able to swap the level & signature of 2 NFT heroes with some cost.

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  10. View ads as a task in daily quest

    Additional revenue stream into the game (beside new player top up & investment) Sustainable economy, win-win-win situation (gamer, PlayStore, Dev) Demonstrate real world use case of NFT game (active users 95-100% versus traditional games, more revenue from ads, reward distribution from viewing ads)

    Reg C
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  11. Sunda Emperors

    Conquer the castles, expand your empire, rule the world of Sunda. For every castle you conquered, you are able to mint it to an NFT.

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  12. Add new Matrix of Dexterity Levels

    Please add more Matrix of Dexterity levels, they are fun and keep the comunity engaged. The new ones would be harded and would give signature upgrade items and T2 upgrade gears.

    Gabriel Carvalho B


  13. Add the item Stone Modifier

    Add to the game store or even as season awards (top 500), an item called Stone Modifier. This item allows you to convert your existing stones to different ones from different classes. Example T1 Mage stone to T1 Warrior Stone. Currently we have useless stones at our inventory for classes that are not in our comp. Reason : Increase GEM / HE burn when bought via store and increase top 500 competition.

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  14. Dungeon character

    Use our chosen Hero (at profile picture) as a character to walk trought dungeon floors

    GΓΌnnes O
    #New Feature πŸ’‘


  15. Mission Board : Send Heroes on missions (staking)

    The player will be able to "lock" a team of heroes in order to complete missions. The locked heroes will be unavailable to trade or use in PVE or PVP and will be unlocked when the mission is over. The chances for success/rewards will be determined by the hero's rarity (not items or level). Every (let's say) hour there is a check to see if the player receives progress or not. The reward is given at certain number of progress points (similar to the daily/weekly quest rewards), that are gained by passing a check. Race and class can have positive/negative impacts on the check. Check : Each hour a dice roll is made (let's say 1-100). Each mission will have a difficulty that will determine the roll (between 1-100) needed to pass the check. Heroes add a flat value to the result of the roll (taken into consideration for passing the check) based on their rarity, race and class. The player can only have one ongoing mission at any time to limit the amount of rewards and the impact on the hero price. Maybe at a later stage implement the option to lend the heroes to other players that can use them for a mission. Who lends the hero will set a %fee from the total mission outcome (where it makes sense : gold, xp and HE?). This will be incentive for new player to join since they will be able to rent heroes for sending on a mission, without any initial investment! However each hero they borrow will take the agreed % fee from the mission rewards and give it to the owner of the hero. Example mission : Flavor text - "The golden wool has been stolen! Send forth a party of cunning heroes in order to retrieve the golden wool!" Duration : 3 days Check difficulty : 60% (the player will need a roll + bonuses from heroes >= 60 in order to receive progress) Hero modifiers : "Humans know of ancient tales about the golden wool!" +1.5% chance to succeed on each dice roll / human hero "All the Gods want the wool for their new sweater!" +1.5^ chance to succeed on each dice roll / god hero "Mech usually have crude handling skills, the wool might be damaged!" -1.3% chances to succeed on each roll / mech hero 3 days = 72 hours = 72 dice checks = 72 maximum progress points Rewards: 5 progress - 2.000 gold 10 progress - 2 HE 20 progress -2 rare shards 30 progress - 20.000 gold 40 progress - 5 HE 50 progress - 2 epic shards 60 progress - hero summon scroll 65 progress - 50.000 gold 72 progress - something pretty cool; maybe even "The Golden Wool" armor for heroes Example roll : Difficulty is 60 (1-100) roll is 43 Bonuses from heroes: Human (x3) : 4.5 Mech (x1) : -1.3 God (x1) : +1.5 Total roll : 43 + 4.5 -1.3 + 1.5 = 47.7 (Failed because difficulty is 60). The player did not receive progress this hour.

    Zoltan E