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Version 1.8 Scheduled for release on 24th August

Patchnotes_Version 1.8


Dear our beloved Heroes & Empires. In this version, We're adjusting Arena rewards to increase excitement and competition for the top players, and the GEM currency system will also be updated to make it easier for players to buy hero, items, and more. .. in the in-game store and more features will be added by us as well. Please see the details below.


*** General Changes

Add NFT Profile Wallpaper

  • Each NFT hero will be limited to 5 NFT artworks. The NFTs received are the NFTs who reached the Ultimate 5-star milestone the earliest since the game's release.
  • Heroes's artwork can now be used to decorate the player information section.


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Arena Rewards change:

The increase in rewards will make the arena more fierce than ever, as players have to compete to keep a high position in the rankings of each season. Now only the top 1000 players will receive HE tokens.

  • Increased 80% of HE amount.
  • Increased 200% of HE amount for top 1.
  • Rank 1001+ will no longer receive HE.
  • Top 3 season will receive Skins.






Skin NFT will be limited: For each skin, there will be only 1000 NFTs.

Changed the rank calculation mechanics in Arena Battle to prevent cheating:

  • At the start of the Arena, both player’s fame point (MMR) will be temporary locked.
  • When a player wins, he will get all the locked points (his points and his enemy points)
  • When losing, the player will lost these locked points because the system has already deducted them.
  • We will begin rolling out this feature in order to ensure fairness for each season.

Auto transit to Voting if the DAO idea has enough deposit

Now if you want to mint or claim HE you need to reach chapter 12.

Added new currency Gem


Is the game's premium currency. GEM will be used in place of HE to perform the same functions. GEM can be obtained by:

  • Buying in Shop with IAP packages
  • Swap HE to Gem ...




GEM can be used to:

  • Buy Heroes in in-game marketplace

Added Marketplace In-game

  • Heroes purchased from the Marketplace (on-chain) will be sold in the game (off-chain) and retain their original ID in version 1.8.
  • It appears alongside the main screen.
  • Players can use GEM to buy in-game heroes.




Added Event Trial Of Ascension

  • A monthly event that begins after the player completes Chapter 16. Players will climb a 20-story tower with 3 challenges ranging from easy to difficult. To advance to the next floor and receive attractive rewards, players must complete the challenge on each floor. Players will receive additional rewards based on their current campaign, especially after completing 20 floors.
  • The event will begin on August 24, 2022, with players climbing 20 floors.
  • There will be 3 challenges on each floor, with Gold, Silver, and Bronze levels. To go up a floor, you must finish the Bronze level task. To earn extra gifts for that tier, complete the Gold and Silver tasks. Players can replay a floor numerous times to complete the above tasks.
  • Both the player's and the enemy's heroes will start every battle with full blood and no mana.


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Added Daily Login

The 30-day login bonus has no time limit and will refresh once the player has collected all of the rewards.




Added Auto Start Hunting Abyssal Queen

Clan owners can now automatically unlock the Abyssal Queen if they have enough Clan Activity Points.




Added BattleLog Time for Arena & Tournament

In the battlelog, players can view the match's time.




*** Heroes Changes

  • Fellow Rework


  • Old Lor: Fellow is the visionary ruler of Eido, an expansionist nation that respects only power. He took control of the empire with ruthless determination... and the fan took possession of the soul. Fellow now commanded from the front lines, marching before an impending darkness that only he could see in a vision gathered by the birds, no, his shadow crows gathered from corpses around.
  • New lor: After Demon King Wye traversed Eido to mine Eternium and turn it into a plain, a veritable chaos filled with the air that reeked of death from the corpses of feeble creatures engulfed in lava and smoke. fire. Wye often had to go out on business, so he entrusted the management of Eido to his closest subordinate, Fellow. If it could be described, it was a walking disaster. He has strength, wisdom, ambition, and most of all, a ruthlessness that is even more powerful than Wye. With his black wings, he destroyed countless cities and villages. During a deep dive into the volcanoes, he discovered mutant beings, with incredible strength and endurance, these are creatures that have existed and evolved after the conquest of Wye and Fellow. Fellow has quietly nurtured and developed an army of these creatures, in order to one day overthrow Wye and claim the title of Demon King.





Update Localized:

  • Old: Enemies injured by Thera will begin to bleed out for 2 seconds (unstackable), losing health equal to 70% of their attack per second and reduce HP regeneration by 50%.
  • New: Enemies attack Thera will begin to bleed out for 2 seconds (unstackable), losing health equal to 70% of their attack per second and reduce HP regeneration by 50%.


*** Fix Bug

  • Hero error stuck in multiple artifact slots: A single hero can carry multiple artifacts.
  • Level up keeps the mouse over level: holding the level up button when reaching a certain level does not display a pop up and is automatically deducted from HE.
  • Hero - Thera signature level 20 does not work: Thera signature level 20 does not show bleeding.
  • Artifact - When the blessed hero is removed, the artifact remains attached: when the hero is removed, the level 1 hero still has the artifact.
  • Fix auto ascend common, rare food.


*** Heroes & Empires Team ***